Advantages and characteristics of rolling process for rolling pipe

- Mar 23, 2019-

The rolling pipe is processed by the rolling process. This method is chosen because it facilitates the sealing of the micro cracks on the surface of the pipe, thereby improving the fatigue strength of the rolling pipe. The surface roughness of the pipe after rolling is reduced a lot, so the performance is also improved. For other processing methods, it cannot be denied in this way. The rolling tube is only the ideal result of the rolling processing, and it can meet the strict requirements of all aspects.

In the process of making the rolling tube, the rolling knives can finish the surface mirror processing and polishing in an instant, which can achieve the surface quality that can not be achieved by the cutting process, achieve a surface roughness less than Ra0.1, and form a bright and smooth, tough The surface, the rolling surface after rolling hardening, has stronger bearing capacity than the grinding surface, and has greatly improved fatigue resistance and wear resistance. It is a diamond rolling knife, flexible in use and long in life. And to ensure that the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece does not change, and the processing time is short, the smoothing knife has become a perfect substitute for the cutting process with its high quality and low cost processing advantages.

Rolling tube characteristics

1, rolling processing requires only a very short processing time, the amount of cutting can reach F0.2-1.0

2, the surface roughness of the workpiece after rolling is less than Ra0.1, normal can guarantee about 0.05

3, the knives make the surface of the workpiece harder and the surface resists wear and tear

4, the sliding friction coefficient of the rolling knife surface is reduced

5, the rolling knife increases the fatigue limit of the