Appearance quality and welding method of hard chrome plated steel tube

- Jun 25, 2019-

The hard chrome plated steel tube can be divided into a seamless steel pipe and a welded steel pipe when it is used. The seamless steel pipe production process is to pass a solid pipe blank or a steel ingot into a hollow capillary tube, and then roll it into a steel pipe of a required size. The different methods of perforation and rolling are used to form different methods for producing seamless steel tubes. The production process of welded steel pipe is to bend the tube blank (steel plate or strip) into a tubular shape, and then weld the gap into a steel pipe. Different methods of producing welded steel pipes are formed due to different molding and welding methods.


Hard chrome-plated steel pipes are mainly produced by hot rolling. The extrusion method is mainly used to produce low-plastic high-alloy steel pipes or special-shaped steel pipes and composite metal pipes which are difficult to perforate. Cold rolling and cold drawing processes continue to process hot rolled tubes into small diameter and thin walled steel tubes. The welded steel pipe has simple process, high production efficiency, low cost and wide variety of products.


Appearance quality of hard chrome plated steel


1 surface quality. The surface quality of the rebar is specified in the relevant standards, and the end is required to be straight and the surface must be free from cracks, crusting and folding.


2 The allowable value of the dimensional deviation, the bending of the rebar and the requirements of the steel geometry are specified in the relevant standards. As stipulated by China's standards, the bending of straight steel bars is not more than 6mm/m, and the total bending is not more than 0.6% of the total length of steel bars.