Arrangement and use of honing pipes

- Apr 07, 2019-

The honing pipe is different from the ordinary pipe when it is used, so its processing method and piping layout are very special, and the operation is mainly described in two aspects, so as to make The efficacy of the honing tube is fully utilized.

The honing pipe is essentially a specially treated high-precision seamless steel pipe. It has good performance in operation, so it has a good effect in various fields. When the product is arranged, it is arranged or oriented. They should be neat and consistent, and they should be clearly structured. Arrange as much as possible in a horizontal or vertical manner, and there are strict regulations on parallelism and verticality.

The honing pipe will also be reduced when cutting. If the diameter is larger than 50mm, it is best to use mechanical processing to ensure that the cutting surface of the pipe is flat and there are no defects such as burrs, scales and slag. Rolling processing is an important honing pipe for honing pipe forming. It is different from ordinary steel pipe material. It belongs to high-precision products. It has no oxide layer on the outer wall, high pressure and no leakage, high precision, high smoothness, cold bending and no deformation. The advantages of mouth, flattening and no cracks come together.