Attribute range of honing tube

- Apr 03, 2020-

Honing tube refers to the honing tube, which can be called honing tube, and the tube here mainly refers to seamless steel tube. Therefore, honing is a processing technology, through which the inner hole of the pipe is brought to the desired tolerance size, surface roughness, etc., and is within the tolerance range.

The processing technology of the honing tube is honing, and the cylinder tube, which is the tube used in the cylinder, the processing technology is not necessarily honing, but can also be other processes such as rolling.

The roughness of the inner hole of the honing tube can be less than 0.63nm, while the straight line standard can be less than 0.3mm / m. Therefore, it can have a higher level of dimensional accuracy. Therefore, it can be used in some occasions with higher requirements. And its honing is to use the honing machine. The honing head on the honing machine, generally speaking, performs axial linear reciprocating motion.