Causes of scratches on the honing tube

- Apr 12, 2020-

Honing, it is mainly used to process the hole diameter, usually cylindrical hole, such as cylinder, valve hole, connecting rod hole and box hole, etc., its processing size is generally 5-500mm, but it can be larger. And under certain conditions, it can also be processed on the outer circle, plane, spherical surface and tooth surface, and its surface roughness can reach Ra0.32-0.08 microns, if honing, it can reach Ra0.04 microns or less. Therefore, this processing method seems to be more used at present, and the equipment used is generally a honing machine.

(1) If the honing tube is scratched, what is the main reason?

Answer: If it is scratched, there are three main reasons, which are the material problem of the workpiece itself, the problem of the honing rod or honing head, and the problem of the honing fluid of the machine tool. As for the specific, it will not be analyzed and elaborated here.

(2) Can it be used directly after welding?

Answer: The honing tube cannot be used directly after welding, because this will cause various problems.

20. The honing pipe processing market has few resources

As the weather is expected to be hot and bitter, the downstream demand for honing pipe pickling and passivation is not active, and resources will further slow down the rate of digestion. Raw materials are in a weak position and it is difficult to boost, as well as downstream demand, the amount of honing pipe pickling and passivation of resources in the market is reduced, and resources are slowly digested in the situation. In June, the market does not have the conditions for bottoming out. The vulnerable groups with prices from some manufacturers are temporarily stable.

At present, there are few new replenishments, and the merchants are keeping their existing inventory, but they are not in a hurry, but they need to sell them quickly. The worry for merchants is still the price of raw materials. The current weak steel prices may drag down.

However, in the general trend, mainstream prices are only weakly volatile. Most traders in the stock market in July were cautious, thinking that the market as a whole would remain stable in the later period. At present, traders generally have insufficient cash resources, honing tubes with less market resources, small pickling and passivation volume, and normal cash resources at a lower level. Sales pressure has eased, so they are not in a hurry to ship and are unwilling to sell cheaply.