Chrome hardened bar production workshop quality control program

- Jul 13, 2019-

Chrome hardened bar production workshop quality control program:


First, the material is cut: the operator must carry out small-scale trials of the raw materials entering the factory. After the trial is qualified, it can be officially put into production and use. In the production process, it is necessary to check the qualification of materials in a number of molds, and mainly put a hydraulic tensile test to check whether the material itself has problems (broken skin, too hard, too soft, chicken claws, uneven thickness, etc.). The report is handled by the team leader or manager. If material problems flow into the next process, you must accept the penalties established by the company.


Second, the hydraulic one: the material must be inspected several times during the production process, and the continuous damage of 2 materials can no longer continue production, timely report to the team leader, carefully check whether the product exists in the material itself, mold, machinery. Material gap is too large. Material grinding problems, etc., or their own reasons (such as stretched lines, pressure is not adjusted properly, etc.). Whether the main supervision materials have problems or not, report them in time. If material problems are found and rewarded. If you flow into the next process for your own reasons, you must accept the company's penalties.


Third, hydraulic two-way: mainly check whether there is stretch marks, perforations, etc. in a production product, as well as the phenomenon of artificially injured products. The operation itself must also be checked carefully. Ensure that there are no problems or hidden dangers in the process to the next process. It is found that various problems arise in the hydraulics. Penalties must be imposed if the product of the appeal is passed into the next process.


Fourth, trimming: check the blanking. Hydraulic one. Two roads have any misconduct. Failure to check out various materials and their own problems. If you report the various situations as above, you will be rewarded. If you do not find that you are in the next process, you will be punished.


V. Curling: In addition to the situation of doing their own work, it is necessary to supervise the unloading. Hydraulic one. Two. Trimming and undetected man-made and mold. Machinery. Various kinds of materials are not conducive to the phenomenon of the product. Penalties must be accepted for misconduct.


Sixth, the collection of polishing: must be strictly in accordance with company standards to check the product, check the problems in the material. If the polishing is checked out of the standard factory, it cannot be thrown at will, and it can be handled by the supervisor. The polishing team leader informs the quality supervisor and the production team leader and the mold leader to jointly inspect and discuss the research to ensure that there is no class problem next time. The problem arises in which process alone. The team leader informs the operator to watch the scene, depending on the circumstances, and conducts education or punishment.