Chrome plated steel rod processing technology

- Aug 20, 2019-

The process specification design of the chrome plated steel rod and the design of the special fixture during the process are described in the whole process of the process manufacturing of the piston rod of the group weldment. Especially in the design of process specifications, we use the mastery of mechanical manufacturing theory and calculation formula to determine the manufacturing form of the blank, select the base surface, formulate the process route, determine the machining allowance, process size and blank size, and finally The amount of cutting and the basic working hours were determined.


In actual production, due to the different structural and shape, geometrical accuracy, technical conditions and production batch requirements of a part, a part often undergoes a certain processing process to change it from a pattern to a finished part. Therefore, the machining process personnel must proceed from the existing production conditions of the factory and the production batch of the parts, and according to the specific conditions, under the premise of ensuring the processing quality, improving the production efficiency and reducing the production cost, selecting the suitable processing surfaces on the parts. The processing method, the processing sequence is reasonably arranged, and the machining process is scientifically formulated to obtain qualified mechanical parts.