Chrome steel rod problem analysis and high frequency quenching advantages

- Jul 17, 2019-

Question 1: Is there a cylinder with a chrome steel rod that can rotate wirelessly, requiring only 20 revolutions per minute?


If there is a cylinder with a piston rod that can rotate wirelessly, then the rotational speed of the piston rod is very low, even lower than the linear motion of the piston. Although it has no effect on the cylinder, it cannot be linearly moved and can only be rotated.


Question 2: How to choose the O-ring according to the diameter of the piston rod?


This choice is generally based on specific criteria because there are standards. Moreover, this method is a relatively common sealing method, because its service life is low, so it is mainly used in places where the requirements are relatively low.


Question 3: Where is the advantage of the high frequency quenching piston rod?


The high-frequency quenching piston rod has the great advantage of high surface hardness and good wear resistance.