Chrome steel rod processing quality and process

- Aug 28, 2019-

The chrome steel rod can be applied to the hydraulic starting during the process of use, and the product processing requirements are relatively high during operation, so the quality of the hydraulic cylinder is mostly the quality of the piston rod, and the piston rod is a connecting component that supports the piston to do work. Most of the applications are in the cylinder and cylinder motion actuators. It is a moving component with frequent movement and high technical requirements.


The quality of the piston rod processing directly affects the life and reliability of the whole product. The piston rod has high processing requirements, and its surface roughness is required to be Ra 0.4-0.8 um. The requirements for coaxiality and wear resistance are strict. Although the piston rod is not intended to withstand the radial force from the viewpoint of the design idea, it is directly limited by the actual structure when it is used, and the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder inevitably bears a considerable portion of its radial external force. For this reason, the length of the hydraulic cylinder piston must be appropriate, generally taking 0.7 to 1.0 times the outer diameter of the piston rod.


The piston rod is mainly to increase its guiding action and increase the bearing surface area, so as to reduce wear and improve the service life of the hydraulic cylinder. The quality of the hydraulic cylinder depends largely on the quality of the piston rod, so the processing of the piston should be Geometric tolerances with sufficient accuracy are required.


When the piston rod is in use, the general outer diameter, the roundness of the inner hole, and the cylindricity error shall not be greater than half of the dimensional tolerance; the coaxial rod outer diameter to the inner hole and the sealing groove shall have a coaxial tolerance of less than 0.02 mm. Generally, the vertical tolerance of the end face of the hydraulic cylinder to the axis of the hydraulic cylinder is less than 0.04 mm/100 mm.


In the activity of producing and operating cylinder rods, in order to avoid accidents causing personal injury and property damage, corresponding accident prevention and control measures are taken to ensure the personal safety of the employees and ensure the smooth operation of the piston rods of the production and operation cylinders. .