Cold and brittle of high-precision cold drawn tubes can be regulated

- Jul 27, 2019-

Due to various factors, the performance of precision cold drawn tubes will also be affected, and its cold and brittleness is one of them.


The high-precision cold drawn tube contains many metal elements, so the solid solution strengthening element can relatively increase the cold and brittleness of the product; the formation of the second phase element is also advantageous in this respect, for example, with the carbon content in the cold drawn tube. With the increase, the pearlite content in the structure also increases, which makes the toughness-brittle transition temperature of the precision cold drawn tube rise.


In addition, grain size is also an important factor. Generally, grain coarsening can promote the increase of toughness-brittle transition temperature. On the contrary, refining grains can reduce the cold-brittle tendency of pipes. Therefore, this has also become a widely used method to control the cold and brittleness of cold drawn tubes.