Cold drawn steel pipe material and use introduction

- May 10, 2019-

I believe that the steel pipe has a clear concept in mind, but if we want to obtain a seamless pipe with smaller size or better quality, we must finally cast a cold drawn steel pipe through cold rolling or cold drawing. The steel pipe processed on this 0.5-100t single-chain cold drawing machine is called "cold drawn steel pipe". Finally, we can see that the cold drawn steel tube has a circular hole in the variable section and also has a special tapered head.


Even for cold drawn steel pipes, we can see that there are different types in the market, even cold drawn steel pipes of different materials, and their uses are naturally different. Three kinds of materials commonly used in cold drawn steel pipes, one is precision seamless cold drawn steel pipe. This steel pipe is mainly used to manufacture some mechanical structures that require precision. For some hydraulic equipment, it can also play Small role.


Carbon structure cold drawn steel pipe


The second is the high-quality carbon structural steel cold drawn steel pipe. This cold drawn steel pipe is generally combined with a seamless pipe. It is made of 10 and 20 steel. The carbon structure is very stable, but the acceptance of this steel pipe is compared with Other steel pipes have to be stricter. In addition to experiments on chemical composition and mechanical properties, more in-depth experiments are also carried out on flaring and crimping. This type of steel pipe is generally used to strictly control the flexibility of steel pipes. The required area.


Small diameter seamless steel pipe


Finally, we are familiar with small-diameter seamless steel tubes. For most people, perhaps they don’t know that cold-drawn steel tubes can be made into small calibers. In fact, the carbon steel content of this material is low, and the rigidity is very considerable. of.