cold drawn tube improves capillary wall thickness accuracy

- Mar 30, 2019-

1. The cold drawn pipe needs to be properly adjusted for the perforation and the rolling process parameters, so that the accuracy of the work rolls such as the rolls can be effectively improved to a certain extent, so that the blanks and the waste pipes can be uniformly deformed during the piercing and rolling process. .

2. Accurately adjust the centering position and install a roller device to a certain extent, so that the head can be aligned with the center of the blank to avoid eccentricity. When used, it can be installed and adjusted to hold the roller, and hold the ejector pin to prevent the ejector from sinking.

3. Carry out the equipment repair system to keep the equipment in good condition and ensure the wall thickness accuracy of the capillary.

4. Strengthen management, often measure the wall thickness of the capillary tube, and find problems in time to adjust.

When the cold drawn pipe is used, it is necessary to control and coordinate the production rhythm, so that the barren pipe stays on the stage for a short time before rolling, so that the final rolling temperature of the steel pipe can be effectively guaranteed to a certain extent not lower than 850 °C. The internal structure of the steel pipe is uniform, the residual stress is reduced, the cooling water pressure is moderate, the water leakage is prevented, and the local water cooling of the steel pipe is avoided, resulting in local cold and brittle phenomenon.