Common straightening methods for high-precision cold-drawn tubes

- Apr 19, 2020-

Even if the high-precision cold-drawn tube is processed, there will be some morphological defects, so the finishing process is indispensable, so that the product is restored to its original state. For cold drawn pipe, what principles can be used to complete the straightening of the pipe? Everyone should be clear through the following analysis.

Its straightening is mainly divided into hot straightening and cold straightening. In this process, temperature control is the key. If the straightening temperature is too high, high-precision cold-drawn tubes will have scooping caused by uneven cooling; if the value temperature is too low, it will increase the straightening resistance of the cold-drawn tubes and increase the difficulty of straightening. And in order to achieve the ideal straightening effect, one or more straightening can be performed for different pipe conditions.

The main straightening methods used for high-precision cold-drawn tubes are pressure straightening, roller straightening, tension straightening and stretching bending straightening. The straightening methods used for different materials are also different, although the principle is different. , But the processing is ideal. In this case, the cold drawn tube can be used in various occasions with strong accuracy.