Daily cleaning and use advantages of the roller frame

- Mar 06, 2019-

The self-adjusting roller frame is mainly driven by its roller during the operation. To a certain extent, it mainly adopts its electromagnetic speed-regulating motor. To a certain extent, it can carry out its stepless speed regulation according to its welding specification, to a certain extent. It has the characteristics of welding speed adjustment range, low speed characteristic hardness and good smoothness of rotation. The height of the main and driven rollers can be adjusted as appropriate during use, and the assembly and welding of the cone and the segmented unequal-angle rotor can also be performed during use.

The self-adjusting roller frame can effectively adjust the distance between the rollers during the operation according to the diameter of the weldment, and when the weldment is placed on the roller frame during use, There will be 4 self-aligning rollers that can be automatically rotated to the proper working position by the gravity of the weldment through the intermediate swing shaft. It is not necessary to move the mutual position of the roller members due to the different diameters of the weldments.

Daily cleaning of the roller frame

1. Prepare a dedicated roller frame washer.

2. Remove the bracket wheel and other disassembly parts of the tube wheel before cleaning.

3. Put the disassembled parts in the container, add professional cleaning agent and water in proportion to 1:5, and carry out simple cleaning. Note that the infusion time is not too long.

4. Use a clean cloth to rub a 5 to 5 cleaning agent, wipe the entire roller frame, clean and remove surface stains.

5. After all the parts have been cleaned, wipe them off with a dry rag, then pour the original curing agent to wipe the surface of the roller frame.

6. Finally, install all the disassembled.

Self-adjusting roller frame operating characteristics

The self-adjusting roller frame mainly adopts its stepless speed regulation in the process of operation. In the process of operation, the speed regulation range is relatively wide and high precision, and its starting torque is large during operation, and the whole equipment adopts its high bearing capacity. The bearing trembles during operation and has a long service life.

The combined box type base of the self-adjusting roller frame has high rigidity and strong bearing capacity during the running process. The whole equipment adopts its specially designed grooved steel core rubber surface roller, which has large friction force, long service life and strong carrying capacity. . The manufacturing process is advanced, the straightness and parallelism of each shaft hole are good, and the workpiece turbulence caused by insufficient manufacturing precision is minimized.www.ht-tube.com