Daily maintenance of welding positioner

- Jul 12, 2019-

The usual protection needs of the positioner:


1. Regularly view the repair welding positioner and refill the grease for half a year.


2. The gearbox is checked once a month for oil level. When the oil level is lower than the indicator line, it will be added in time, and the oil of all reducers will be replaced once a year.


3, before work, you should check whether there are other items within the reach of the workpiece reversal, to avoid bumps.


4. When the welding positioner removes the workpiece, check whether the circular pressure plate has been taken out and the ejector rod is returned to the position to prevent the workpiece from being damaged. The lifting workpiece must not swing greatly to avoid the workpiece smashing the clamp.


5. When the workpiece falls on the fixture, it should be lightly placed, and it must not have too much impact on the fixture and the positioner; after the workpiece is turned to the work, the power switch should be closed, the power supply should be cut off to avoid malfunction.