Drilling of Precision Honed Tube

- Dec 03, 2020-

The drilling of honing pipes can be divided into the following several steps:

  1. Falling off the drilling link, this kind of uniform honing, because the edge of the hole is not smooth at the beginning, the total area of the whetstone and the edge of the hole is not large, the contact pressure is large, and the convex part of the hole edge is quickly ground off. However, due to the high contact pressure on the surface of the whetstone, coupled with the friction coefficient of the cutting on the whetstone adhesive, the fusion compressive strength of the abrasive particles and the adhesive is reduced. Therefore, some abrasive particles are effective in drilling working pressure. When the whetstone falls down, new frosting particles are exposed on the surface of the whetstone, and the whetstone is self-sharpening.

  2. In the crushing and drilling process, with the development of honing, the surface of the hole is getting brighter and the total area of contact with the whetstone is getting larger and larger, the contact pressure of the total area of the enterprise is reduced, and the drilling efficiency is reduced. In addition, the cut cut is small and thin, and the friction coefficient of this cut to the adhesive is not large. Therefore, the grindstone particles of the whetstone fall very little. At this time, the cutting is not based on the new abrasive particles, but only by the center of the abrasive particles. Therefore, the top load of the abrasive particles is quite large, and the abrasive particles are easy to crack and collapse to produce new drilling edges.

3. Blocking the drilling process. The total contact area between the whetstone and the hole surface during re-honing is getting larger and larger, and the fine cutting deposits between the whetstone and the hole edge are not easy to remove, causing the whetstone to block and become more and more difficult. Bright and clean. Therefore, the whetstone drilling ability is low, which is equivalent to polishing. If you hone again, the whetstone will become more clogged and the adhesion will be blocked, the whetstone will lose its drilling ability and become more hot, and the precision and roughness of the hole will be harmed. At this time, the honing should be completed as soon as possible.