Honed tube processing technology

- Aug 15, 2019-

Honed tube processing technology:


1. Material selection: Select the appropriate size metal bar that meets the national standard as the raw material bar for processing the honing pipe;


2. Blanking, free forging and heat treatment process: the raw material bar is processed by blanking, free forging and heat treatment;


3. deep hole: the appropriate size of the through hole on the raw material bar to make the pipe;


4. Straightening: the straightening of the forging hammer is stopped for the raw material bar after disposal;


5. Honing: The honing process is used to stop the boring of the through hole of the pipe, so that the through hole of the pipe meets the requirements of the size and processing precision required by the honing pipe;


6. Outer plane planing: The lathe is used to process and plan the outer wall and end surface of the pipe, so that the outer diameter of the pipe reaches the required size and processing precision of the honing pipe, and the honing pipe is manufactured. Honing is a very effective processing method for machining internal bores, which is not only efficient but also has high machining accuracy.