Honing and precision manufacturing of honed tube

- Jun 15, 2019-

The thick-walled honed tube is the main body of the hydraulic cylinder. The inner hole is generally manufactured by precision machining such as boring, reaming, rolling or honing, so that the piston and its seals and support members can smoothly slide and reduce wear. Large hydraulic pressures should therefore have high strength and stiffness.


Unlike honing, the honing process uses a honing head to extend into the hole, which is then rotated by the machine, reciprocating and rising out of the grinding bar for cutting. The honing machine has vertical and horizontal divisions. The vertical type is more suitable for the continuous production of short parts of large quantities, such as cylinder liners, and the horizontal type is more suitable for the production of longer parts. If it is processed cast iron, the production efficiency is several times higher than that of the internal grinding. However, the honing efficiency of steel parts is much worse than that of cast iron, but it is much faster than the internal grinding method. The accuracy is not a problem. To improve the precision of the honing pipe, you can start from the following aspects:


1. Improve surface roughness.


2. Correct the roundness.


3. Improve surface hardness and reduce stress deformation.


4. There is residual stress layer after processing to improve the fatigue strength by 30%.


5. Strengthen the quality of cooperation, reduce wear and increase the service life of parts, but the processing cost of parts will decrease.