Improve the surface roughness of honing cylinder tube

- May 03, 2020-

Cylinder, if its expression is 16 × 320, it means that the cylinder bore is 16 mm, and its stroke is 320 mm. In addition, if it is a different manufacturer, the inner and outer diameters of the honing cylinder tube are different.

If the honing cylinder tube is made of aluminum alloy, then its color is silver after sandblasting, and its surface is very smooth. As for this type of cylinder tube, there is a relationship between the wall thickness and pressure, and there is a proportional relationship between the two.

If the cylinder diameter is the same, then whether the air pipe interface thread is the same, mainly depends on whether the cylinder is a standard cylinder, if it is a standard cylinder, then it is consistent. As for the surface roughness of honing cylinder tube, in specific methods, it can be polished with fine sand or mirror-finished to achieve the goal.