Measures to improve the wall thickness of high precision cold drawn tube

- Apr 16, 2020-

In the production process of high-precision cold-drawn pipes, the thickness of the pipe wall is difficult to control, so are there any optimization measures that can be adopted in this regard?

If you want to change the wall thickness of the cold-drawn tube, it must be done from various angles, such as maintaining uniformity when the tube is heated, and at the same time ensuring a smooth and slow temperature rise and fall; at the same time, the equipment can be adjusted to confirm the centering roller The installation position and various parameters; and the middle line of the piercing machine and the middle line of the piercing trolley should be the same to avoid bad conditions.

In addition, the production tools of the cold drawn tube should be changed in time, mainly the mandrel. To maintain it in a better working state and higher precision, after improving all aspects of the process and equipment, the tube wall accuracy of the cold drawn tube will be somewhat different rise.