Model of Seamless Carbon Hydraulic Honed Tube

- Nov 12, 2020-

The so-called rolling process of Seamless Carbon Hydraulic Honed Tube is a kind of chipless processing. At room temperature, the plastic deformation of metal is used to smooth the surface roughness, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of changing the surface structure, mechanical properties, performance and size. This kind of rolling processing technology can not achieve grinding processing, while meeting the requirements of finishing and strengthening. The honing cylinder is a steel pipe material that has been cold drawn or hot rolled. Because the inner and outer walls of the steel pipe have no oxide layer, high pressure resistance, no leakage, high gloss, cold bending deformation, flattening, etc., it is mainly used to produce pneumatic or hydraulic components. The chemical composition of the honing cylinder is carbon, silicon, manganese and manganese, sulfur, phosphorus, chromium and chromium. Two materials are commonly used for honing of cylinders: No. 20 steel and No. 45 steel. Although these two materials are common, 20 steel is more popular than 45 steel, and more common than 45 steel in the market. Our 45# steel often needs to be produced to order. The honing cylinder is processed by rolling. Due to the presence of residual compressive stress on the surface, it is conducive to the closure of surface micro-cracks and reduces corrosion propagation. Thereby, the corrosion resistance of the surface is enhanced, and the generation or expansion of fatigue cracks is reduced, thereby enhancing the fatigue strength of the honing cylinder. Through rolling forming, a cold working hardened layer is formed on the rolling surface, reducing the elastic-plastic deformation of the contact surface of the grinding pair.