Pipe arrangement and special requirements for Honed tubes

- Mar 27, 2019-

The Honed tube is different from the ordinary pipe when it is used, so there are very special requirements regardless of the processing method or the pipe arrangement. The Honed tube is essentially a specially treated high-precision seamless steel pipe, and its good performance makes it a good use in various fields.

When Honed tubes are arranged, they should be aligned and oriented, and should be hierarchical, as far as possible in a horizontal or vertical manner, and also have strict regulations on parallelism and verticality. The cutting of the Honed tube is also relatively reduced. If the diameter is greater than 50 mm, it is best to use mechanical machining to cut, to ensure that the cutting surface of the pipe is flat, and there are no defects such as burrs, scales and slag.

Does the hydraulic steel pipe have a Honed tube?

Hydraulic pipes can be divided into fluid pipes and oil pipes, so the answer is yes on this issue. In addition, we also need to know that there is also a hydraulic steel pipe in the cold drawn pipe, so it can also be used to polish the pipe.

How to ensure the quality of the Honed tube?

1. Guarantee the quality of the materials used in the workpiece itself.

2. Guarantee the quality of the honing or honing head.

3. Guarantee the quality of the honing fluid.www.ht-tube.com