Pipe design and good performance of precision seamless steel honing tube

- Jul 01, 2019-

The design and piping of the precision seamless steel honing tube should be consistent with the hydraulic schematic. In addition to the honing pipe itself, other components, components and accessories must be carefully selected. Secondly, the laying arrangement and direction of the honing pipe must be neat and uniform, and the level needs to be distinct. If there are parallel and intersecting honing pipes in the system, we must pay attention to the gap between them.


The honing pipe of the precision seamless honing steel pipe also needs to have good performance, such as rigidity, anti-vibration ability, etc. In order to enhance the safety and stability of the pipe, it is also necessary to configure the corresponding bracket and pipe clamp to avoid in use. A displacement occurred.


The honing pipe is a kind of product processed by special process, and it has good application in many products, but we hope that the whole honing pipe industry can have further development, and it is also obvious that its application advantages are reflected.


The application of the advantages of honing pipe should be based on the improvement of product quality. Compared with other products, the honing pipe processing technology with high removal and short processing cycle can add suitable products. In the process of CNC machining simulation and optimization, the accuracy of the honing pipe can be improved.


Secondly, it is required to select the corresponding honing pipe products and processes for different applications, including appropriate materials, reagents and the like. In general, it is all about honing the tube product to match the actual application and keep it in the state.