Precautions for the correct purchase of cold drawn steel tube

- Aug 16, 2019-

How can I buy cold drawn steel tubes correctly?


1, can go to the large formal steel pipe company to buy, the formal large-scale companies are generally from the domestic relatively well-known large-scale cold-drawn pipe enterprises to purchase or agent, quality is guaranteed. Regular large companies have many well-known customers who can provide good services to customers and will not sell fake and shoddy products to influence their reputation.


2, the same specification can ask a few more, carry out repeated comparisons, if it is much lower than the average, it certainly can not buy. Any kind of product has a fixed cost. If the cost is lower than a certain range, it means that the quality of the product is problematic.


3. There are also some small companies that take fake cold-drawn tubes to sell really cold-drawn tubes, so choosing a strong, well-known company can effectively reduce risks.


4. There are also many small companies that are pushing up prices on the market. The quality of the products is not so good. The price of cold drawn tubes is very high. When you choose, consumers will find it after comparison.