Preventive measures against cold cracking of cold-drawn tubes (一)

- Jun 16, 2020-

(1) Strictly follow the process requirements, and use the upper limit temperature to prevent low temperature heating. For example, the heating temperature of the carbon steel (1 胪 ~ 45.) Billet is increased by 20-30 ℃ compared with the original process, and the effect is better. According to statistics, the gap in the next five months fell by nearly 40%.

(2) For inclined-bottom furnaces, it is necessary to allocate materials so that the billet is heated uniformly, and the appearance of yin and yang surfaces is eliminated. At the same time, the furnace door is closed as soon as the material is dialed to reduce heat loss.

(3) Strictly control the rolling rhythm to ensure that the billet is heated through without black heart phenomenon. Avoid perforated black spiral phenomenon.

(4) Use high-quality heavy oil to ensure the heating quality of the blank.