Process selection and processing method of honing pipe

- Mar 26, 2019-

The honing pipe is a relatively common pipe honing pipe when it is used. Generally, it is processed by rolling method. This processing method is very beneficial for the sealing of the surface crack of the pipe. , thereby increasing the fatigue strength of the honing tube. In fact, a layer of cold work hardening layer is formed in the performance of the pipe, so that the surface roughness value of the honing pipe becomes smaller after rolling, and the relative performance is also improved.

The application of the advantages of honing pipe is based on the improvement of product quality. Compared with other products, the honing pipe processing technology with high removal and short processing cycle can obtain more ideal products. It is best to improve the accuracy of the honing tube during the NC machining simulation and optimization process.

For different applications, it is required to select the corresponding honing tube products and processes, including appropriate materials and reagents. In general, the honing pipe products are designed to match the actual application and keep them in the best condition. Because the honing pipe has a special structure with a hollow section, it is widely used as a conduit for conveying fluids, such as oil, natural gas, water, and some solid material conveying pipes are made of honing pipes. The honing tube is also one of the choices for making layout parts and mechanical parts. The honing tube is also a building material that does not burn. It is also shock and bending resistant.