Processing characteristics of honing pipe ( 一)

- Apr 24, 2020-

1. High processing accuracy

Some parts with uneven wall thickness, such as connecting rods, can achieve a roundness of 0.002mm. For large holes, the roundness can also reach 0.005mm, if there is no ring groove or radial hole, etc., the straightness is also possible within 0.01mm / 1m. Honing is more accurate than grinding, because the bearing that supports the grinding wheel is outside of the hole to be ground during grinding, which will cause deviations, small hole processing, and poor grinding accuracy. Honing can generally only increase the shape accuracy of the processed parts. To increase the position accuracy of the parts, some measures need to be taken.

2. Good surface texture

The surface is cross-textured, which is conducive to the storage of lubricating oil and the maintenance of oil film. It has a higher surface support rate, so it can bear a larger load, thereby increasing the service life of the product. The honing speed is low, and the whetstone is in surface contact with the hole, so the average grinding pressure of each abrasive grain is small. In this way, the heat generation of the workpiece is small, and there is no thermal damage and metamorphic layer on the surface of the workpiece. There is no sand embedding and extruded hard layer on the honing surface.