Processing heat treatment of hydraulic cylinder piston rod

- Sep 08, 2019-

The hydraulic cylinder is an important actuator in the hydraulic system of the construction machinery. It is used to perform reciprocating motion and drive the construction machinery to perform various functions. The piston rod is a key transmission force component with high technical requirements for connecting the piston and the working part in the hydraulic cylinder. The working rod needs to bear a large tensile stress. Therefore, the piston rod must have sufficient strength, rigidity and toughness, and at the same time It is easily eroded by abrasive particles and must have high wear resistance.


The long cylinder piston rod is made of 45 steel. The processing route is: forging material (rolled material) - blanking - quenching and tempering - straightening - machining - surface quenching, tempering - straightening - head welding - machining - Grinding - stress relief annealing - polishing - hard chrome plating - polishing - cleaning - assembly. Processing high-quality hydraulic cylinders to identify Titanium machinery, professional quality assurance, piston rod heat treatment is the key process to ensure the internal quality and mechanical properties of the piston rod, the quality of heat treatment is directly related to the life and reliability of the entire hydraulic system, if heat treatment Improper, causing early breakage during the use of the piston rod, and lightly destroying other parts, which may cause damage to the entire equipment and casualties.