Processing time and cutting process of hydraulic cylinder srb tube

- Jun 19, 2019-

The processing time of the hydraulic cylinder srb tube is greatly shortened, and mass production should be faster in operation. The straightness and precision of the rolling tube are greatly improved compared to the honing tube. The surface hardness of the rolling tube is higher than that of the honing tube, which increases the service life.


What is the difference between a cylinder tube and a rolling tube?


The material of the cylinder tube is mainly made of hot-rolled seamless steel pipe, which is combined with a cutting process of boring and rolling. With the development of China's industry, the old process of producing hydraulic cylinders has been difficult to adapt to the needs of production development, cylinder tube is a new type of energy-saving products.


Hydraulic cylinder rolling pipe refers to steel pipe with strict inner and outer diameter dimensions, good internal and external surface finish, roundness, straightness and uniform wall thickness. After a little honing, the product can be directly used as a hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder tube, which is of great significance for saving energy and reducing investment in hydraulic cylinder and cylinder processing equipment. The rolling method is: broaching cylinder - fine cylinder - rolling cylinder, the process is 3 parts.After rolling, the surface roughness of the hole is reduced from Ra3.2-6.3um before the rolling to Ra0.4-0.8um, the surface hardness of the hole is increased by about 30%, and the fatigue strength of the inner surface of the honing pipe is increased by 25%.