Production and use of induction chrome bar jump

- Aug 09, 2019-

The induction chrome bar is made by fine grinding and high-precision polishing process. Rolling processing can improve the surface corrosion resistance, so it can be directly used for cylinders, cylinders, shock absorbers and piston rods.

High-frequency piston rods commonly used materials 35, 45 steel, 502 carbon steel, 35CrMo chromium molybdenum steel, Cr18Ni9 stainless steel and so on. The surface of the piston rod is chrome. Generally, 15-25 μm is also required to be 30-50 μm. A ceramic material with a superficial surface under severely corrosive conditions. The first four materials generally have a processing hardness of 229-285 HB. The latter requires high frequency quenching and hardness of 45-55HRC.


The high-frequency piston rod should slide in the guide sleeve, generally using H8/h7 or H8/fl. Too tight, the chapter is bare and too strong; too loose. It is easy to cause stuck and unilateral wear. The square tube punching machine has a roundness and cylindricity tolerance of no more than half of the diameter tolerance. The coaxiality tolerance between the journal and the outer ring of the mounting piston is not more than 0.01mm, which can ensure the coaxiality between the outer circle of the piston rod and the outer circumference of the piston. Avoid the stuck phenomenon between the piston and the kL, the piston rod and the guide sleeve. The vertical tolerance of the shoulder end face of the mounting piston and the axis of the piston rod is not more than 0.04 mm/100 mm. This ensures that the piston is not skewed during installation.