Production process of welded pipe for honing pipe

- Nov 24, 2020-

In the prior art, welded pipe production technology is a relatively mature production technology. However, welded pipes generally cannot be used for the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders. The following problems mainly limit its application in the manufacture of honing pipes: 1), welded pipes The accuracy of its own is relatively low, and its roundness is difficult to be reliably guaranteed; 2) When the welded pipe is welded, its surface welds are easy to handle, but the welds on the inner wall are difficult to handle, especially on uninterrupted continuous production lines, such as The welding seam of the inner wall is not processed, but directly used for the processing of precision inner hole honing pipes, there is also the problem of large cutting volume; 3) The welding seam is not heat-treated, resulting in large internal stress and easy cracking during use 4) Even if the weld is heat-treated, the bearing capacity in the axial direction of the welded pipe is relatively low because the welded pipe is not drawn. In order to improve its bearing capacity, the size needs to be increased, resulting in waste of metal materials.

The purpose of the present invention is to overcome the deficiencies in the prior art and provide a method for manufacturing cold drawn welded pipes for honing pipes. The cold drawn welded pipes for honing pipes obtained by the method have high yield strength, high tensile strength, precise dimensions, and smooth surface. The production efficiency of cold drawn welded pipes for honing pipes is improved, manufacturing costs are reduced, and energy conservation and environmental protection are promoted.