Repair the surface defects of the St52 Steel Honed Tube

- Dec 12, 2020-

Today, the editor of Longjin shared with you: there will be many pits on the surface of the honing tube before processing. This is an important factor affecting the quality of the honing tube. If you want to obtain a good quality hydraulic cylinder tube after quilting, you need to correct these Pockmarks are repaired. So, what are the repair methods for the surface defects of the honing pipe?

   1. Increase the amount of cold drawing deformation

   Increasing the number of cold drawing deformation passes and increasing the total deformation can reduce the depth of pitting and reduce the honing and grinding allowance.

   2. Optimum hot-rolled tube stock

The pitting defects of cold drawn pipes are all caused by hot-rolled pipes. Therefore, by selecting hot-rolled pipes with small corrosion and uniform wall thickness, pitting defects can be reduced and the yield of the cylinder tube can be improved.

  3. Hot-rolled pipe inner hole defect cleaning   several advantages of honing pipe

   1. Improve the surface roughness, which can basically reach Ra≤0.08μm.

  2, the roundness is corrected, the ellipticity can be ≤0.01mm.

  3. Improve surface hardness, eliminate stress deformation, and increase hardness by HV≥4°

  4. There is a residual stress layer after processing, which increases the fatigue strength by 30%.

  5. Improve the quality of the fit, reduce wear and extend the service life of the parts, but the processing cost of the parts is reduced.