Routine maintenance of the welding rotator

- Jul 31, 2019-

Since the welding rotator itself belongs to the auxiliary equipment for welding, it is often used in the circular-type workpiece, the inner and outer ring seams or the main welding of the inner and outer longitudinal joints. The main components are protected: the bracket, the active roller, the transmission device, and the Dynamic rollers, bases and power unit drives. Let's take a look at the daily maintenance of the welding roller frame with Xiaobian!


1. Before use, the obstacles of the welding roller frame should be removed, and the fire and oil should not be touched.


Second, the rolling bearing, Li Yu bearing oil cup on the bearing to lubricate it, it is best to use sodium grease.


Third, the gear of the transmission, when the first use, should remove the shield of the gear, and apply the appropriate amount of grease on the gear.


4. For the reducer of the cycloidal pin wheel, it is necessary to add an appropriate amount of grease before use. When replacing it, it is necessary to remove the residual oil.


5. In order to ensure that the equipment can work better, all the transmission parts should be lubricated regularly, and the reducer of the cycloidal needle wheel should be inspected once a month and make up the lubricating oil.


6. All transmission components in the welding roller frame are absolutely unusable before they are lubricated.