Safety operation and precautions for welding positioner

- Mar 17, 2019-

Safety operation and precautions for welding positioner

Safe operation of welding positioner

1. The welding positioner is required to comply with the welder's safe operating procedures during operation.

2. When the welding positioner is installed and disassembled, it is necessary to effectively check whether the circular pressure plate has been taken out and whether the pressure plate is returned to the position, so that the workpiece can be prevented from damaging the clamp.

3. The welding positioner must be leveled when lifting the workpiece. It must not be shaken to a certain extent. This will prevent the workpiece from colliding with the fixture and avoid damage to the fixture.

4. When the welding positioner is hoisted, it must be installed to a certain extent to take its sling away from the workpiece.

5. When the welding positioner is disassembling the workpiece, the workpiece must be lifted by the sling before the workpiece can be loosened.

6. When the workpiece falls on the fixture, it should be placed lightly and must not have excessive impact on the fixture and the positioner.

7. The welding positioner must be positioned according to the requirements during the installation process. The nuts and bolts of all the clamps should be tightened, the pressure plate should be pressed tightly, and the test should be turned after the installation is completed.

8. Before turning, check if there are other items in the working range to avoid collision.

9. After the workpiece is transferred to the working position, the power switch must be turned off to cut off the power supply to prevent malfunction.

10. Workpiece installation must pay attention to the work center, and must not deviate from the center of gravity.

11. Do not overload or overload.

12. When the workpiece needs to be raised and welded, the climbing pedal must be used, and the climbing pedal must be placed securely before lifting. Involving the user's concept of equipment and equipment, as well as considering the different uses for hand-held welding and automatic welding, when selecting and designing the welding positioner, in addition to the main displacement degree of freedom, it is also necessary to increase the auxiliary displacement degree of