Stainless steel honed pipe and cylinder tube distinction and instructions

- Aug 14, 2019-

What is pondering? Honing is to apply a certain pressure to the surface of the workpiece by using the oil stone embedded in the honing head. The honing tool or the workpiece simultaneously performs relative rotation and axial linear reciprocating motion, and cuts the minimum machining amount on the workpiece. Required tolerance dimensions and surface finish requirements. According to the customer's requirements, the honing process can reach the tolerance range (such as H7, H8, H9, etc.), the roughness can reach Ra0.4, the ellipticity can reach 3~5 wire, and the length can reach 8m.


The stainless steel honed pipe is a honing machine, so it is called a honing pipe. The cylinder tube is the tube used for the cylinder. The tube for the cylinder is not necessarily honed or rolled.


Honing tube: The tube milled out with the honing machine has a straightness and a slightly lower finish. The tube is rolled, the finish is high, and the straightness is better. Both the honed pipe and the rolled pipe can be used as the cylinder block of the hydraulic cylinder, which is a problem of quality. The pros and cons of the price.


In addition to being used as a cylinder, the honing stainless steel cylinder is widely used in various packaging machinery, food machinery, filling machinery, medical equipment, automation equipment, anti-corrosion equipment, spraying equipment, automobile engines and craft rituals.