The structure and working principle of welding rotator

- May 16, 2018-

Welding rotator to a certain extent, can effectively according to its simple welding amount of weight and length in any combination, in the process of use is very convenient and flexible, welding rotator within the prescribed scope, automatic adjust the roller center distance, apply different diameter of weldment, the cylinder body welding place smoothly.

Welding rotator with thyristor power supply dc motor drive, could be used in the operation process of stepless speed regulation, large range of the whole equipment of welding speed and speed stability, the applicability of the welding rotator is strong and can be widely used.

Mainly adopts the combined roller, the welding rotator steel wheel rubber, outsourcing the whole equipment is stable and has high friction, long life, the workpiece wheel equipment effective pressure is small, can avoid work surface cold work hardening.

to a certain extent, the welding rotator mainly depend on the roller to swinging freely. It can automatic adjust the roller center distance in within the prescribed scope of the welding rotator effectively, so that you can use different diameter of weldment, circular simplified weldment place smoothly.

Transmission device driver driving mainwelding rotator, in use process is mainly to use its active friction between the wheel and cylinder workpiece drives the workpiece rotation displacement, which can realize the artifacts girth inside and outside and inside and outside the horizontal position of longitudinal seam welding, automatic welding equipment of form a complete set of automatic welding can be realized.