Surface material advantage of Large Diameter Honing Tube

- Aug 10, 2020-

The honing surface is cross-textured, which is conducive to the storage of lubricating oil and the maintenance of oil film. It has a high surface support rate, the ratio of the actual contact area of ??the hole and the shaft to the matching area between the two, so it can withstand a large load and is resistant to wear, so that the calorific value of the workpiece is very small, and there is almost no thermal damage and Metamorphic layer, small deformation. The honing surface is almost free of sand embedding and extruded hard layer. During honing, a large amount of cutting fluid is injected, which can make the abrasive particles washed away in time, and the processed surface can be fully cooled, so the workpiece has less heat and is not easy to burn, and the deformation layer is very thin, so that a higher surface can be obtained quality.