The advantages of stainless steel honing tube

- Oct 15, 2019-

What is a stainless steel honing tube? In fact, the inner diameter of stainless steel seamless pipe processed by horizontal honing machine is called honing pipe. Therefore, honing is a mechanical processing technology. The honing head is used to reciprocate the high-speed grinding process of the inner hole of the cold-drawn tube to make the inner hole reach the tolerance size and surface roughness requirements we need.

The processing technology of honing tube is honing, and the cylinder tube is a tube used in the oil cylinder. The processing technology is not necessarily honing, and it can also be rolling and other processes. According to customer requirements, honing can reach tolerance ranges (such as H7, H8, H9, etc.), roughness can reach Ra0.4, ellipticity can reach 3 to 5 wires, and the longest can reach 8m. The linear standard degree can be less than 0.3mm / m. Therefore, honing can have a higher level of dimensional accuracy.

Stainless steel honing tube can be used in some demanding places. With regard to honing tubes, I believe that through the above questions and their corresponding answers, everyone can come to further understand and understand, so as to increase their knowledge in this area. In addition, the correct and flexible use of knowledge can be carried out to enhance the use of the product and further increase its use value.