The advantages of the adjustable conventional welding rotator

- Jul 06, 2019-

The roller frame is mainly used for welding, polishing, lining and assembling of cylindrical cylinders, and can also be combined with other tooling for assembly and welding of cones and segmented unequal-diameter rotating bodies.

1. The conventional welding rotator consists of a main frame and a follower frame. The main and follower frames have two rollers. The main double motor is driven by two wheels. This method is larger than the single motor driving torque and can ensure the workpiece rotation. Smooth and stable operation.

2. The main and follower frame bases are all welded with a welded structure with different number of reinforcing ribs. The overall structure has good rigidity and strong torsion resistance.

3. The main and driven frames are processed by integral stress relief after welding, and the machining is carried out to ensure stable operation for a long time.

4. The shaft holes of the swing arm of the roller frame are formed by one-time loading and processing on the trampoline, and the concentricity is high, and the roller is flexible.

5. The active frame and the driven frame roller wheel core are all steel wheels, which are processed after heat treatment.

6. The roller adopts the full glue combination mode, the steel core support wheel is covered with heat-resistant rubber, the bearing capacity is large, the rubber layer has a long service period, no deformation, no degumming.

7. According to the diameter of the workpiece, the user adjusts the distance between the two wheels by reserved screw holes to adapt to the diameter change of the workpiece.

8. AC frequency conversion technology stepless speed regulation, using imported frequency converter, low speed torque, excellent performance, large speed range, multi-protection function of over-current, over-voltage and overload.

9. The speed reducer adopts high-quality cycloidal pinwheel reducer, adopts planetary reducer transmission structure and rolling contact mode, and has the advantages of small volume and long-lasting durability, small loss of simultaneous effect, and mechanical efficiency up to 90.