The basic process of Hydraulic Honed Tube

- Dec 26, 2020-

What are the basic processes of honing a tube?

The Hydraulic Honed Tube unit is a complete set of equipment for producing pipes by cold rolling, cold drawing, or a combination of cold rolling and cold drawing. It is a unit for deep processing of hot rolled pipes or welded pipes. According to the metal processing performance, pipe size, quality requirements, investment and benefits to choose different processing methods and corresponding auxiliary procedures.

The basic procedures of cold-rolled honing pipes are: pipe material supply, the pipe materials used are hot-rolled finished or semi-finished pipes, extruded pipes and welded pipes; pipe material preparation, including inspection, bundling, pickling, cleaning, washing, and Mixing, drying, lubricant coating, etc.; cold processing (cold rolling or cold drawing); finished product finishing includes finished product heat treatment, straightening, sampling, cutting head and tail, inspection (manual inspection and various flaw detection), hydraulic test, coating Oil, packaging, storage, etc. The finishing content of different products is different.

The production characteristic of the cold-worked pipe unit is that the pipe material usually undergoes multiple cold deformation and work hardening from the input to the finished product. Therefore, the entire production process consists of multiple preparation procedures and deformation procedures, and has the characteristics of reciprocating cycles, so there are many procedures. , The production cycle is long, the metal consumption is large, the production efficiency is low, and the general production scale is not large.

  It is more reasonable and necessary for the production of high-alloy steel pipes such as stainless steel and non-ferrous metal pipes that are difficult to deform by configuring cold drawing and cold rolling mills in the unit at the same time. The cold drawing machines include single and multiple straight pipe drawing machines and reel drawing machines (see reel drawing). The length of a single pipe is up to 50m when it is cold drawn, and several hundred meters when it is drawn from a reel. The honing tube and tube honing unit is a complete equipment combination for producing tubes by cold rolling, cold drawing or a combination of cold rolling and cold drawing. It is a unit for deep processing of hot rolled tubes or welded tubes.