The cause of the vibration of the hydraulic cylinder piston rod

- Sep 09, 2019-

Hydraulic cylinders are important industrial machinery. Many users will find the phenomenon of piston rod shaking during use. For this reason, it is considered that the equipment is damaged. Let's look for the reason why it is shaking!


1. The hydraulic cylinder is crawled due to the low working oil level and the oil pump sucking in the air. At this point, you need to refuel to the specified oil level.


2. Air leakage occurs in the oil pumping system of the main oil pump of the hydraulic cylinder.


3. The oil temperature of the hydraulic cylinder is too high, causing the main cylinder piston support ring to die.


4. During the pumping process of the hydraulic cylinder, the overflow of the main relief valve often occurs due to the high load. At this time, the overflow reduces the load.


5. The oil pump is hot to determine if the oil temperature rises due to the failure of the oil pump. If the oil pump does not heat due to the low viscosity of the oil, the oil pump should be dismantled to find out the cause of the malfunction and eliminate it.


6. The auxiliary electro-hydraulic valve and unloading valve of the hydraulic cylinder are faulty. Because they have a fault, the discharge time of the distribution valve oil pump is shortened, and it is often operated at a high load. At this time, it is necessary to eliminate the failure of its two valves.


7. Whether the coolant cooling water of the hydraulic cylinder is unobstructed, and the cooling water inlet temperature is too high. If yes, reduce the cooling water inlet temperature and keep it clear.


8. The main relief valve of the hydraulic cylinder is faulty and often overflows. If yes, remove the main relief valve, replace the damaged parts and adjust.


9. If the hydraulic oil is changed, check whether the viscosity of the oil is too low, so that the internal leakage of the oil pump is too large. If it is, replace the hydraulic oil with the appropriate viscosity.


Hydraulic cylinder equipment will inevitably have certain fault problems during long-term use. Piston jitter is more common. When equipment has similar faults, we must first understand the cause of the fault. In this way, the problem can be solved quickly and effectively, and we can also avoid these faults through maintenance during the normal use of the equipment.