The characteristics and main uses of cold drawn steel pipes

- Mar 06, 2020-

The cold drawn steel pipe plant was informed that the selection of cold drawn seamless pipe material is a chain factor that determines the quality of the product. It is today that metal materials have gained great popularity. Before the metal raw material required for the product is put into production, the function of the metal material must be obtained with high quality. The function of the metal material is determined by many factors, such as chemical composition, metal structure and layout, and the main function of the material. There are a variety of testing facilities, such as hardness test, tensile test, and rotation test. The former are the best examples of the former. The former can test the function of the metal machine, and the latter is the targeted training of the function of the metal.

The main features of cold drawn seamless pipes are: high precision and high brightness of the inner and outer walls of the steel pipe, no oxidation layer of the steel pipe after heat treatment, high cleanliness of the inner wall, high pressure of the steel pipe, no deformation during cold bending, no flaring and flattening, can Various tedious deformation and mechanical processing. Color of steel pipe: bright white with bright metal luster.

Cold drawn seamless pipes are mainly used for automobiles, machinery parts and other machinery that has high requirements for the accuracy and lightness of steel pipes. Nowadays, precision steel tube users are not only users with high requirements for accuracy and lightness. Because precision light seamless steel tubes have high accuracy and tolerances can be combined in 2--8 wire, many machining users in order to save labor and materials. At the time of consumption, the seamless steel tube is gradually changed from a round steel to a precision light seamless steel tube.