The difference between E355 honing pipe and seamless steel pipe

- Jul 28, 2019-

Both the E355 honing pipe and the seamless steel pipe are attributed to the pipe with high precision. There are many matters needing attention in the processing process, and the selected production technology also needs a certain technical content. However, there are still many differences between honing pipes and seamless steel pipes. The main ones are:


The honing pipe is made by cold drawing and honing technology. The product not only has high precision, but also reflects good quality. Whether it is the inner hole or the outer wall, it must meet the strict requirements of public service and roughness. And in terms of application, the high precision of the honing tube is very suitable for the production of various pneumatic or hydraulic components.


The seamless steel pipe is made by seamless welding technology, and may not be as accurate as the honing pipe, but the commodity can accept relatively large pressure. Therefore, various occasions where the demand for pipes is not very high is the most common locality of seamless steel pipes. In addition, the seamless steel pipe can exhibit a certain effect in the case of a rough as-cast or cold-draw member.