The difference between honing tube and polishing tube

- May 17, 2020-

Honing pipes are mainly used in engineering, metallurgy, plastics, mining, road construction, textile and other industries. There are three main types of processing for honing tubes: cold rolling, cold drawing and honing. Today, the editor mainly introduces you to the difference between honing and polishing tubes.

Honing tube is made by a high-precision grinding process, which is not only used for round holes, but also for hardened tooth surfaces. It can be used as a combined grinding tool and can be installed in a floating fixture, making it self-adjusting. Therefore, the shape error of the hole can be reduced, but the geometric error of the hole cannot be reduced.

Polishing tube is the use of soft polishing wheels or disc-shaped polishing discs, plus polishing paste, so that the workpiece after finishing to obtain a very high surface finish. However, since there is no rigid reference during processing, geometric errors cannot be reduced. However, compared to honing tubes, it can polish irregular surfaces.