The inventory of Precision Honed pipes are already at a relatively low level

- Oct 15, 2020-

Because of environmental protection factors, the market has expectations that output may fall in the later stage and resources may be tight. In addition, after four months of digestion, the domestic inventory of honing pipes has been at a relatively low level, and the inventory of construction steel and sheet products is currently lower than the same period last year. The rise in July gradually slowed down, and the market was confusing in the later stage. The rise in steel prices in July gave us the strength to enter the market outlook. But don't be dazzled by this hot summer, the market situation should still be sober. After the successful counter-attack in July, it is still unknown that August can continue the rally. While Mi Zun's July steel price rise seems to be gradually slowing down or will be shorted, and the possibility of a downturn in August still exists. But you still have to look at it based on market conditions, there may be ups and downs.