The key link of heat treatment of honing tube

- Mar 26, 2020-

Analysis of the key aspects of heat treatment of honing pipes.

The heat treatment of the honing pipe is an important process. After heat treatment, it can get better performance. So how to heat-treat the honing tube?

Its heat treatment process: forging annealing, roughing, tempering, semi-finishing, stress relief, rough grinding, high frequency quenching, tempering, finishing.

The following is a brief introduction to a few key links:

1. Tempering: The purpose of tempering is to make it have good comprehensive mechanical properties. In order to obtain higher toughness, corresponding strength and excellent mechanical properties, we generally need to adjust the 2Cr13 material Qualitative treatment.

2. Stress relief treatment: The so-called stress relief treatment, the sale of honing tubes actually means stress relief. Under normal circumstances, annealing, casting, forging, and welding parts generate internal stresses due to the different cooling rates of various parts during cooling, so stress relief should be done.