The labor intensity and main features of the roller frame

- Sep 28, 2018-

The roller frame is mainly used for cylindrical assembly and welding when it is used. If the height of the main and driven rollers is appropriately adjusted, the assembly and welding of the vertebral body and the segmented slewing body can be performed. For some non-circular long weldments, if they are installed in a special annular clamp, the welding can be carried out on the welding roller frame. The welding roller frame can also be used with manual welding as a device for detecting and assembling cylindrical workpieces. The use of the welding roller frame can greatly improve the quality of the weld, reduce the labor intensity and improve work efficiency.

Self-adjusting roller frame main features

1. The self-adjusting roller frame can automatically adjust the angle of its roller bracket according to the diameter of its workpiece during operation, so that it can support the support and rotary drive of workpieces with different diameters.

2. Self-adjusting roller frame adopts imported frequency converter for stepless speed regulation, which has wide speed regulation range, high precision and large starting torque.

3. The self-adjusting roller frame adopts high-capacity bearing, which has no trembling rotation and long service life.

4. Combined box type base, large rigidity and strong bearing capacity.

5. Specially designed grooved steel core rubber roller, with high friction, long service life and strong carrying capacity.