The role of the packing ring gap of the chrome hardened bar

- Jul 15, 2019-

The quality of the chrome hardened bar processing technology will directly affect the quality of the piston rod and its service life. The processing of the piston rod is generally performed by rolling, because the processing method can improve the corrosion resistance of the piston rod surface, delay the generation and expansion of the fatigue crack, and thereby improve the fatigue strength of the piston rod. In addition, by rolling, it is also possible to reduce the surface roughness and reduce the occurrence of wear, thereby extending the service life of the piston rod as a whole.


A: Incision clearance: mainly used to compensate for the wear of the packing ring.


Two: axial clearance: mainly used to ensure that the packing ring can float freely, otherwise the piston rod can not work normally.


Three: Radial clearance: avoid the sinking of the piston rod, so that the packing ring is pressed to avoid deformation or damage.