The fine boring skived tube has advantages compared with the traditional honing process.

- May 23, 2018-

High quality roll tube in the process of made according to the different production methods can be divided into hot rolled tube, effective cold rolled tube, cold drawn tube, extruded tube, etc., hot-rolled seamless pipe generally on the automatic pipe mill unit production. Centering on the end face of the tube billet, then it is sent to the heating furnace to be heated and perforated on the punching machine.

The high quality skived tube will continuously rotate and forward while the perforation is perforated. Under the action of the roll and the head, a cavity is formed gradually in the tube of the high quality skived  pipe, which is called the capillary tube. Continue skived  on the automatic skived  mill. Finally, the whole machine is full thickness and the diameter of the sizing machine is fixed to meet the specification requirements. It is an advanced method to produce hot rolled seamless steel tube with continuous skived  mill.

The fine boring skived tube has the following advantages compared with the traditional honing process

1.     improving machining efficiency: processing speed is nearly 20 times of honing.

2.     Increase surface hardness: increase surface hardness by more than 50%.

3.     Machining accuracy: the machining accuracy can reach the level of IT8, and the surface roughness can be reached by ra-0.05-0.4.

4.     Working environment: low noise, no pollution, labor cost saving.

5.     Reasonable processing procedure: the scraping roll can be processed as the last working procedure in other processes (such as drilling hole, welding, threading, etc.).

Some matters needing attention of skived pipe skiving

The pressure selection of rolling pressure is correct, and the surface roughness, size and accuracy are affected. Generally, the skived pressure increases and the surface roughness increases.

The surface roughness of workpiece is improved and the rolling process is the best. When the preprocessing roughness reaches Ra1.6, the roughness can reach more than Ra0.2, as long as the quantity is suitable. However, when the preprocessing roughness is only Ra6.4 ~ Ra3.2, when the surface of the processing is vibrating, the blade can not be rolled, which only increases the excess volume and then skives back again.

The feed amount of the roller should be determined according to the diameter of the ball. The smaller the feed quantity, the smaller the surface roughness. The optimum quantity of feed should be determined by experiment.