Tube design and good performance of Honed tube

- Jan 21, 2019-

The piping design and piping of the Honed tube shall be in accordance with the hydraulic schematic. Except for the Honed tube itself, other components, components and accessories shall be carefully selected. Secondly, the laying arrangement and direction of the Honed tube must be neat and uniform, and the level needs to be distinct. If there are parallel and intersecting Honed tubes in the system, we must pay attention to the gap between them.

The Honed tube should also have good performance when used, such as its rigidity, anti-vibration ability, etc. In order to enhance the safety and stability of the pipe, it is also necessary to configure the corresponding bracket and pipe clamp to avoid displacement during use.

The Honed tube is a kind of steel, which is generally produced and sold by steel enterprises. With the increasing demand for Honed tubes, various related supporting services should also keep up. As far as its logistics is concerned, it should be paid more attention. However, due to various reasons, the level of logistics management has not been well improved, which will also affect the promotion of Honed tubes in the